Your Life Looks Like A Race
Judah Smith
Hebrews 12:1-2


  • My life is a race. It has an order to it.
  • Life is an endurance race.
  • Are we running in a way that is sustainable?
  • Recover your spiritual vigor.
  • Life is about those who are faithful.
  • Jesus is the standard of faithfulness.
  • The greatest vision you can have is to finish well.
  • Life is a race that is connected.
  • Don’t drop the baton.
  • You need tension in your faith. Tension will keep your focus.
  • Tension is a holy thing.
  • We are connected.
  • There’s a generation counting on you. It’s not pressure, it’s a privilege.
  • I am not what I do, I am what He has done.
  • The power is not in laying aside, the power is where you’re looking. The power is in Him.
  • Remind yourself what He did on the cross. Remind yourself where He is seated right now.
  • I can’t be anymore right before God than I am right now.

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