Where Are You Headed?
Judah Smith
Hebrews 11:13-16; 12:1-2


  • We are headed towards eternity.
  • Life is a succession of decisions.
  • Don’t live for the moment. Live in the moment.
  • What’s in front of you is intrinsically connected to what’s ahead of you.
  • While we’re living, let’s prepare to die the right way.
  • We are only here for a brief moment and this is not our home.
  • Live with a priority system.
  • Talk to each other more about Jesus and heaven.
  • The movement of faith is forward. The journey with Jesus is forward.
  • What’s ahead of you is far better than what’s behind you.
  • We should be more committed to what’s ahead than what’s behind us.
  • Your speaking and your thinking shape your desires.
  • Our joy is that we see each other with Him in eternity.
  • You are His joy.
  • Joy is mature when it’s not temporal, it’s eternal.
  • My joy is anchored into eternity.

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