Upon This Rock (Rock And Soul)
Levi Lusko
Psalm 23:1


  • Outer stability comes from inner tranquility.
  • Everyone has a shepherd. Your shepherd is whatever you build your life on.
  • Jesus never let anybody down.
  • When you build your soul on the Rock, then all around you can give way but then on Christ you can stand.
  • When you know who He is, you discover who you are.
  • Find your identity not by seeking it but by seeking Him.
  • What you’re not, He is. What you can’t, He can.
  • You’re doubly His. You’re His because He made you. You’re His because He bought you.
  • Because we belong to Him, we always belong with Him.
  • It doesn’t mean that you will always have what you want and it doesn’t mean that you will want all that you have. But it does mean that right now and ever and always, you have what you need.
  • Some things that we are meant to have we’re not ready to have yet.
  • A blessing becomes a burden when you get it out of season.
  • If you have it, it’s because God is going to use it.
  • What do you despise today that the world will be thankful for tomorrow?

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