Instantly Hot
Levi Lusko
Romans 12:11-12


  • It is every Christian’s duty to develop their energy so that they’re burning up on the inside.
  • Being fired up is not a type of personality but a type of obedience.
  • Intentional intensity is imperative.
  • We should care about what matters eternally.
  • All of us are attracted to passion.
  • A fire you’re ignoring will never be roaring.
  • It’s gonna be the things no one sees that’s responsible for what everybody will see.
  • Secret prayer leads to public power.
  • We will be defeated if we come in depleted.
  • When life becomes difficult, you cannot allow your zeal to grow cold.
  • Be the thermostat, not the thermometer.
  • Don’t ask God to put in what you are willing to leave out.

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