Fan The Flame
Levi Lusko, Kevin Guido
2 Timothy 1:5-7


  • Spiritual fire comes from above but must be sustained with love.
  • It’s a train wreck to try and do God’s work without God’s power.
  • Revive what you’ve received.
  • Spiritual fire goes out if it’s left alone.
  • Being on fire in the past is no guarantee you are today.
  • People are drawn to a roaring fire.
  • Your job is not to change a person’s heart. Your job is to be faithful with the gospel that you’ve been given.
  • Your greatest testimony is just doing a great job.
  • When you excel at what you do, people will see that and they’ll want to be like you.
  • People are not projects. People are people.
  • Jesus died to save people.
  • People are gonna live forever somewhere.
  • Fan the flame by continuing to pray, to read the Bible, and to go to church.

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