The Moment Of Truth
Billy Huffman
Matthew 14:22-33


  • How do you respond in ordinary moments?
  • Jesus is bigger than our fears.
  • We have opposition in life.
  • Fear forces you to choose sides.
  • Jesus is pleased by our faith.
  • Risk is required when you’re following Jesus.
  • No matter where you are, no matter where you’re going, if you have Jesus, that is all you need.
  • Sometimes we don’t know Jesus is all we need until Jesus is all we have.
  • How long will you want to follow Jesus into the unknown?
  • If we understand it all, we don’t need faith.
  • Jesus will catch us when we fall.
  • No matter how far you fall, Jesus is there.
  • I am a great sinner, but God is a great Savior.

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