We Are The Ones
Carl Lentz
Matthew 5:13-16


  • The gospel does not allow us to settle down because Jesus has already sent us out.
  • There is no option for you to settle down.
  • When you settle down, somebody else misses out.
  • We can’t allow the world to out-dream and out-advocate us.
  • We are the ones that will honor the standard.
  • You are the light of the world. Live up to this.
  • Anything that matters, there’s a standard to it.
  • God has put a standard in my life.
  • God’s standards keep special things special.
  • Whenever there is a commandment, run towards it.
  • Let me not forget what is special.
  • Remind me what is special.
  • Lift up your standards to the level of God’s standards.
  • We are the ones that are gonna defy this culture.
  • The most radical way we’re gonna defy the culture is gonna be with our radical love.

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