The Thirst Trap (Seven Mile Miracle)
Steven Furtick
John 19:28-29; Psalm 69:20-22


  • Favor flows from strange places.
  • Sometimes God challenges your attachments.
  • Faith means not knowing why I’m going through it, but trusting the One who makes a way where there’s no way.
  • It’s only those who hunger and thirst that can be filled.
  • Everything Jesus did, He did on purpose.
  • It’s not a sin to be thirsty. It’s just where you go to get your fix that determines whether or not your soul will be satisfied.
  • The thing they used to mock Him was actually the thing that He used to finish the work God gave Him to do.
  • God has a purpose for every thirst in your life.
  • Death did not trap Jesus. He trapped death.
  • It’s a setup. It’s not the end.
  • Trust God in the parenthesis.
  • Sometimes victory doesn’t taste sweet.
  • Friday’s trap was Sunday’s triumph.

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