The Facts Of Life (Seven Mile Miracle)
Wade Joye
Luke 24:20-21; Romans 4:18-21


  • Face the facts but only speak faith.
  • Face the facts but fight your feelings.
  • God’s Word is a weapon He has given us to overcome our feelings in this fight for faith.
  • Worship is a weapon.
  • Face the facts but don’t forget God’s faithfulness.
  • A gradual miracle is still a miracle.
  • You can’t choose your facts but you can choose what you focus on and choose what you remember.
  • When you look for God’s past faithfulness, you begin to see His current faithfulness.
  • Face the facts but focus on His face.
  • Your facts are not the final reality.
  • Jesus was abandoned by His Father so you would never have to be abandoned.
  • Don’t take your facts at face value.

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