Complete The Cross (Seven Mile Miracle)
Steven Furtick
Luke 24: 32-33; John 19:25


  • The greatest pain and pleasure that you’ll experience in your life will be in the context of relationship.
  • Sometimes He chases us down to the wrong destinations so He can turn us around.
  • When I need to know that God loves me, I don’t look at what’s happening in my life. I flashback to what happened on the cross. That’s where it was settled.
  • Sometimes the greatest testimony of your loyalty is not what you will say to someone but how you will stand with them.
  • Sometimes we don’t see those who are with us because we can only think of those who left us.
  • God will always leave a John at your cross.
  • Some of the people that you hate the most actually helped you get to the place where you needed to be to do what God called you to do.
  • Some of the people that left you were teaching you to love the people who are still there.
  • You’re too blessed to be this needy.
  • Your validation is not in somebody else’s mouth. Your validation is in the cross.
  • I am complete in that cross.
  • Our strength is in the cross, not in what people say or don’t say.
  • When I receive it, I can release it.
  • Release what you have received.

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