The Things We Carry (Swipe Right)
Levi Lusko
1 Corinthians 6:16-20


  • God always cleans His fish after He catches them.
  • Lie: “Sex is just a physical activity.”
  • Sex is more than just physical. Your heart is involved.
  • When you engage in sex outside of God’s plan, it makes it more difficult for you to enjoy it inside God’s plan.
  • Lie: “I can do what I want and have what God wants.”
  • You lug what you load.
  • You have to live with the decisions you made.
  • You cannot sow death and reap life.
  • You cannot sow sin and reap blessing.
  • Lie: “I have already messed up, so there is no hope for me.”
  • Start to sow something new.
  • God is gonna make sense of your mess.

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