It’s In The Middle (Seven Mile Miracle)
Steven Furtick
Luke 23:43, 24:28-30


  • God can save you in a moment.
  • God is in the process.
  • God will meet you in the middle.
  • God is trying to set your faith free from the need to feel it to have it.
  • God doesn’t ask any permission.
  • When He takes over your life, He blesses your life. But the same hands that blessed your life are the same hands that must be trusted when your life is broken.
  • The gift is in the middle.
  • Today, God will be with you in the process.
  • Grace will get me through the middle.
  • The goal is in the middle.
  • Salvation is a gift that you must grow into.
  • If you think you have arrived, arrogance is sure to follow.
  • You are right where you need to be.
  • The same grace that created the gap between where I was and where I am is the grace I need to keep moving forward.
  • We need a gap that makes me grateful and a gap that makes me grow.
  • Start running toward what God saved you for.
  • The grace is in the middle.
  • It’s not about God getting me out. He wants to get in.
  • The glory is in the middle.
  • You don’t have to be in the middle. Allow God to be in the middle.

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