No More Nails (Seven Mile Miracle)
Steven Furtick
Luke 24:30; John 20:19; Luke 23:34


  • Before God gives you the answers, sometimes He’ll change your questions.
  • Maybe God’s presence is most powerful when I get honest about my doubt and pain and seek Him even still.
  • Usually, you only recognize the full extent of what God was doing in reverse.
  • God will meet you where you are but He won’t leave you there.
  • The cross is my operating system.
  • Sometimes the power of an example is greater than the power of an explanation.
  • There are some things that cannot be explained. They can only be experienced.
  • Get up and go back.
  • Fear will always look you in from the inside.
  • Jesus came to reveal His glory and He showed it in His scars.
  • Life will label you by what you did.
  • God will leave you in a space where you don’t understand to create faith in your heart.
  • What held me doesn’t hold me anymore.
  • Jesus did not show His wounds. He showed His scars.
  • What wounded me doesn’t have to hold me forever.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
  • All my nails are in the cross.
  • Forgiveness is not a feeling. It takes faith.
  • God is going to release the greatest strength in your life from a place where the nails were.
  • Why would I choose to stay wounded when healing is in His hands?
  • To be free, I gotta let go.
  • My scars are the proof of His power.

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