Reverse The Search (Seven Mile Miracle)
Steven Furtick
Luke 24:13-31


  • Things can be so close and yet remain unnoticed.
  • We look for God in the dramatic, but He hides in the details.
  • What if Christianity is a journey, not a destination?
  • God will use whatever I go through to reveal His glory.
  • Are you missing what is because you’re stuck in what was?
  • Hope that is seen is not hope at all.
  • Could it be that we miss God because we look for Him in the dreams but He is found in the disappointment?
  • Don’t judge the journey before it’s over.
  • If you trust His promise, trust His path.
  • He is with me in the moment.
  • He’s not in religion, He’s in relationships.
  • God is the God of the detour, the details, and the dead ends.
  • You learn in the journey. You grow and know as you go.
  • Every step is an arrival.
  • The journey starts where you are but where it ends depends on you.
  • Sometimes you see Him in the broken places more than you see Him in the blessed places.

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